Anonymous, Mental Health Practitioner

"Erica is skillful, warm, and professional. Her confidence in IFS and the therapeutic process is contagious, and it greatly encourages me as I meet the challenge of developing relationships with my own inner systems. She gently and skillfully guides me to repair and re-establish communication with the parts of myself that need to be heard."

Sarah, Educator & Musician

“I sought Erica out because I knew I needed someone who wouldn't just 'let me talk' and I thought art therapy would do that.  She has always been kind, patient, nonjudgmental.  When I resisted one method, she would find another.  When I miss an appointment, she schedules a new one.  When my body is dominating my well-being, she offers to coordinate with my doctor.  I use IFS in my daily life.  It helps me identify what my internal state is so I can interact with the world.  It has helped me be accountable for my own well-being.  Erica has helped me find ways to survive and accept trauma.  I have had several therapists and psychiatrists, and Erica has been my constant in my support system.  I value her greatly.”

Barry, Software Manager

“I worked with Erica for several years around difficult and painful family issues after a divorce. Erica brings warmth and compassion as a therapist. She immediately created a safe and welcoming environment. Together, we explored deep family issues from the past that impacted my present day life. These were often painful and difficult memories, but Erica gently guided me through, and I have come out the other side stronger and whole. 

Erica has the skill and presence to guide one past their own blocks; asking the right question at the right time to elicit tremendous breakthroughs. Her methods are inherently supportive and collaborative, working with you to heal yourself.  I highly recommend Erica for any type of therapeutic work.”

Gretchen, Marketing

“Erica is a gifted and insightful therapist.  I have found her and the IFS approach very meaningful in helping me address life's challenges and develop personally.  Erica is warm, caring, and creates an environment where you can truly share deep feelings and work through significant life challenges.  I consider her a personal angel who I am grateful to have in my life.”

V.D., Counselor

“I found Erica at a time in my life when I was working through various unhealthy relationships and struggling to find my ground. Erica provided a safe and empowering place for me to find my voice. With her gentle and encouraging support, I have slowly built the life I have always wanted and am forever grateful for my time with her.”

Anonymous, Communications

“Erica is an outstanding psychotherapist and has been no small blessing in my life. Her compassionate support has opened up many created outlets for healing. She is remarkably adaptive and insightful in her work. I am deeply grateful for her dedicated practice and all the ways she has helped me through my healing journey.”

Kathi, MA, ATR, Registered Art Therapist

“I received clinical supervision from Erica Roush over the course of several years. Her guidance and support was invaluable. She maintained a healthy balance of directive advice and nurturing my confidence and ability to discern how best to proceed based on my own insight. I always felt completely heard and validated while still being guided in a positive way. I found myself almost inevitably using what I had taken away from supervision within the week! 

‘Do More of What Makes You Awesome’ was a slogan that hung above Erica’s desk. That has stuck with me over the years. I think that Erica’s style as a Clinical Supervisor encourages just that, both with her guidance and also by her example: to show up for one’s work not only with skill but also with authenticity, is the best gift you can give those in your care.”

Katie, MA, Therapist

“Throughout our lives there are people who deeply impact our life’s journey. Erica Roush is one of those special people in my own life. She is someone who I am beyond grateful to have learned and grown from as a Supervisor, always supporting my professional growth, bringing forth my innate gifts and believing in me when I faced professional challenges. Erica is compassionate, experienced and passionate about promoting human healing through her work. My hope is to continue growing and learning from such a beautiful person with immense therapeutic expertise!”

Danielle, MA, LPC, Licensed Professional Counselor

"As a Supervisor Erica has a unique way of balancing empathy, challenge, and encouragement. She created an environment for me to discover my own strengths and showed me how to put these strengths into practice. Erica provided me with positive leadership and guidance. She has been an amazing influence in my professional and personal development."