Art Therapy

Art Therapy can be an effective modality for almost anyone. I use Art Therapy with teens and adults who are curious about this way of working, and also with groups of all kinds.

Working with an Art Therapist can help with:

Depression & Loss of Vitality
Inner Conflicts
Loss of Effectiveness
Loss of Balance    

Art Therapy can provide:

Emotional Regulation
Insight into Past Trauma
Illumination of Internal Processes
A Way to Honor Transition & Loss
Connection to Mystery & Meaning
Vision for the Future
Personal Expression
A Souvenir from Your Journey

Long before I knew anything about psychotherapy, or even much about language, I was making art.  It was the way that I learned how to experiment and try something new, to succeed and to fail, to celebrate, and bring value into the world.  As I got older art followed me, allowing me a way to have a unique voice, be an individual, stage a silent rebellion, and understand things that I couldn’t through words.  Later, I studied at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago where a few legends in the field of Art Therapy taught me to connect with art as if it were a messenger from the soul, and I went on to pursue a graduate degree in Art Therapy soon after.

Although my own experience as an Artist was largely encouraged, I understand that this is not the experience of many people, and that artmaking and using art materials can seem daunting.  Whatever your relationship to Creativity, I assure you that even a teeny tiny interest can be more than enough to begin.