Chronic Illness Support

It’s been my experience that those living with chronic medical illnesses like Chronic Lyme Disease, RA, and MS, are a group with extraordinary courage, endurance, and a deep desire to live life Well.  While riding waves of symptoms, tracking down skilled medical providers, making lifestyle changes, and facing the immense emotional challenges in it all, life can become overwhelming to go alone. 

Seeking the support of a therapist at this time could dramatically improve your life. 

I believe that within the pain of illness lies an invitation for healing and relief. Through work in therapy the enormous energy used to keep physical and emotional suffering from awareness can be liberated, and the psychic roller coaster attendant to pain and disease can slow down. 

Whether you are considering starting psychotherapy as a last-ditch effort to address distressing emotions, heal the wounded places within you which have been illuminated by illness, or are simply seeking a place to rest and share your story, all are good reasons to begin. 

Even when a disease or injury cannot be cured, life can get better. 

Having been through my own journey with chronic Lyme, I know both personally and professionally the power of compassionate self-awareness and emotional safety in healing and restoring health.  We can get there together – don’t give up!